Forsyth Central Junior Bulldog Wrestling

What: FCHS Junior Bulldog Youth Wrestling. is open to all wrestlers in grades K-8th. This is a coed program and no prior wrestling experience necessary.

Cost: The dues to register your wrestler are $225.00. We offer a multi-wrestler discount of $25.00 if you have more than one wrestler in your family. Each wrestler will receive a hoodie, t-shirt & shorts. Your wrestler will be required to get a USA wrestling card that is not included in the dues in order to wrestle at weekend events. This can be done at

Fees for weekend events vary but are usually $25.00 per event. Registration for individual events is not included in the dues. Parents are responsible for registering their wrestler for these events. This is done on at  Reminders will be sent out via the TeamSnap app.

Registration: Please click on the registration link above to register and pay online.

Sponsorships: Sponsorships can offset the cost of the dues for your wrestler because 50% of the sponsorship goes toward your wrestler’s dues. Sponsorships are also a tax write-off for the sponsor. Sponsorship forms and information are available on the web site. Please e-mail the Takedown Club at with any questions.

Where and When:  Practices are held on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 6-7:30 pm in the Dome gym at Forsyth Central High School.

FCHS Dome Location

Weekend Events: Weekend events will be held at schools in the area on weekends. Open events are typically on Saturdays. Open consists of wrestler with more than 2 years’ experience, with the exception of the U6 age group. Team Georgia considers all U6 wrestler Novice. However, they wrestle Saturdays at the open tournaments. Novice tournaments are typically on Sundays. Novice tournaments are for all age groups besides U6 with less than 2 years’ experience. Coaches will be going through the Team Georgia schedule and picking the events we will coach at and post it on this web site and send it out on remind. We will try and focus on keeping the events close to our home area.

What does my wrestler need for practice: For practice your wrestler needs to wear a tighter t-shirt and shorts or a singlet. Head gear is recommended, but not required at practice. A mouthpiece is required if they have braces. A water bottle with their name on it is also required. Wrestling shoes are recommended. If they don’t have wrestling shoes, they can wear socks. However, they may slide on mats with socks, and that may put them at a disadvantage. (No street shoes)

What does my wrestler need for Events: For events your wrestler needs to wear a tighter t-shirt and shorts or a singlet., a mouthpiece if they have braces, wrestling shoes and head gear and a USA card.

Volunteers: The FCHS Takedown Club will reach out during the season to all parents, high school, middle school and elementary school wrestler’s parents to help out at home events. They do not expect you to miss your wrestlers matches, they will coordinate accordingly. Volunteers are very important for the events and the program. The more people that volunteer, the more efficient the event is.

Coaches: All coaches are volunteers with a wrestling background. All coaches are required to have a USA Wrestling Leader Card. A background check is required to get this card. Coaches must also be Safe Sport Certified. All our coaches are also Bronze Certified. You can contact the Junior Bulldog coaching staff by using the "Coaches" link above.

How do I know if my child is ready to compete?

You may always speak with a coach if you have specific concerns regarding your wrestler, but after 3 weeks your wrestler should be ready to compete.  Practice is great for learning technique and drills, but your wrestler will need to go to a tournament in order to apply the techniques and drills we practice.

What’s the difference Between a Novice and Open tournament?

A Novice tournament is limited to wrestlers with no more than 2 years experience wrestling with a USA wrestling membership and these are typically held on Sundays.

An Open tournament is open to wrestlers regardless of how many years experience they have with a USA wrestling membership.  A beginning wrestler may wrestle in an open tournament, But a wrestler with more then 2 years experience  may not compete in a Novice tournament.  Tournaments are typically held on Saturdays.

What are the age and weight divisions?

The Team Georgia age/weight divisions can be found here.

What are the rules?  How does scoring work?

An explanation of rules can be found here. An illustrated guide to signals you'll see from the referee can be found here.

Helpful Web Sites:
Facebook group – Forsyth Central Junior Bulldogs Wrestling


We are committed to Building a strong team Bond, promoting sportsmanship and developing  an unrelenting work ethic that will help our wrestlers excel on and off the mat!


Our wrestlers range from Kindergarten - 8th grade.  We welcome wrestlers from all levels of experience and work with them to help develop them into champions.